Administration in Veraval

Administration in Veraval

Veraval is one of the Gujarat’s close to heart cities that has been ranked as one of the most prominent cities. The city is celebrated as the domain of India’s one of the important pilgrimages, Somnath.

Veraval was once known for its exit point for the Muslims who wanted to visit Mecca, their holy place. Once being the home of a regal family, Veraval is rich in heritage like old majestic buildings and palaces. It is located at a distance of just 6 km away from Somnath and has the responsibility of serving as the headquarters and municipality of Gir Somnath, a district located in Gujarat.

Common Administration Departments of Veraval

Sections like Planning, NRI, RTI, Personal and ARTD are the managerial department of the Government in Veraval. Through responsive and effective administration the department wants to fulfill all the expectations of the citizens in Veraval. It has following objectives:
  • Personal department is the section that functions under General Administration Department.
  • Implementing and monitoring of different Plans like Annual Plan and Five Year Plans or other works related to it is the function performed by Planning Department.
  • ARTD is responsible for the transparency and honesty in Administration and its delivery system.
  • RTI provides Right to Information to the citizens of Veraval.

Home Department

To maintain law and order in the administration of Veraval, Home Department plays significant role. Monitoring crime issues and taking actions to put them under control is the main objective of home department in Veraval. It functions on the security and safety of the cities and other issues related to communal harmony, peace, mob riots, etc.

Health and Welfare Department

The department is administratively responsible for rural health and welfare development. It functions on all the aspects related to health care and other related issues. Rural hospitals and other health and welfare centers are available in Veraval to monitor and deliver various means from primary to secondary and advance level. Medical, family welfare and other issues related with health are covered by the department. Health Insurance, family planning and marriage registration are some the administrative functions followed by health and welfare department in Veraval.

Rural Housing Development

When the decisions are related with the rural policies then Rural Housing Development is the department that performs the administrative functions. Its various schemes include e-gram vishva gram, Samras Gram Yojna, Sardar Patel Awas Yojna, etc. people empowerment and better living conditions including health and hygiene are also inclusive in the objectives of rural housing development.

Administrative Reforms and Training Department (ARTD)

ARTD undertakes decisions to execute various ways of gaining public faith in government. Principal Secretary, a senior officer is responsible to head the organization structure of the Administration and engender its duties accordingly. There are various administrative reforms introduced to provide more transparent and honest approach to the citizens of Veraval. They are as follows:
  • ATVT (Apno Taluka Vibrant Taluka)- To solve the grievances of citizens within the specific time period, a program named citizen charter is implemented. Administrative mechanism has been made more transparent, effective and people-oriented to meet the demands of the citizens of Veraval.
  • SWAGAT online and Public Service ACT are more programs added in the Administrative Reforms in favor of citizens.
Important Links on Veraval

Important Links on Veraval

Nowadays, with the efforts of Gujarat Government, the Veraval tourism is at the peak. Moreover, with the effortless transportation facilities offered by the Government, Veraval has also become one of the most sought-after cities in Gujarat.

Gujarat Government has offered a variety of tourism facilities, services and Government offices to the residents of Veraval. Read on to know more about the crucial website links uploaded by the Gujarat Government to help the tourists as well as the inhabitants of Veraval.

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